who holds this value?

Something from the category of useful things hiding in emacs… Suppose you are looking for the variable that holds a certain value. How to find it?

Easy: M-x apropos-value

So, for example, finding all variables that hold your e-mail address:

M-x apropos-value RET me@example.com RET

and you'll get all the matches in the *Apropos*-buffer. HT: Stephen Eglen.

Also check the various other M-x apropos-... commands, they all help you find useful information if you can remember a word. Except for… M-x apropos-zippy… eh?


Anonymous said...

M-x apropos-zippy does nothing,is it?

David J. Biesack said...

Awesome find, thanks. Now if I can just remember this one. M-x dont-forget-this-tip