file management with sunrise-commander

I tend to do a lot of file management from the shell (zsh, in my case); this is very flexible / powerful and so on. But, for some things a bit more graphical approach is nicer.

There are fully graphical file-managers like Nautilus or Thunar, but for a bit more keyboard-friendly file-management, there are so-called orthodox file managers - the archetypical Norton Commander and its descendants, like midnight-commander (mc) and gnome commander.

Not surprisingly, emacs has its own incarnation - it is called the sunrise commander and happily it's obtainable through ELPA. It's become an important of my workflow. When you're used to Midnight Commander, you'll feel right at home.

If you want to use emacs for yet another of your computer-based activities, give it a try.


Unknown said...

What advantages does this have over just using dired? I use dired all the time.

djcb said...

@Brian Zwahr: Sunrise commander is built on top of dired, the most obvious extra is the two-pane layout. Give it a try ;)

Cpb said...

If you like dired and two-pane layouts, try loading a directory in dired and run M-x speedbar RET.

There are many extensions to dired out there, including wdired, dired-extras, and dired+.