emacs-fu feed updated

At one point in your life, you reach the conclusion that you are not perfect. Even I did :-). For example, some of the Emacs-Fu posts contain errors (typos, out-of-context copy-past etc.), which are usually quickly found by some attentive reader. I do attempt to test things of course, but sometimes things slip through.

Of course, I can quickly fix those mistakes; I do know how to use a text editor after all. The trouble with that is that it provokes aggregators like Planet Emacsen and others to consider this as a new post, which is shown as such on the main page. Of course I don't want to spam the poor Planet Emacsen readers with updates just because I fixed a typo in some old entry.

The problem is not with those aggregators – it's with blogger.com, which does not invoke the right formula to say that something is updated instead of published. And my power to change blogger.com is rather limited.

Blogger does support tag-specific feeds though; so, my workaround is the following:

When I update an entry, I will remove the new-tag, so aggregators that use the first feed will not be bombarded with these small changes - and I am planning a few..

So, if you only want to get the new posts, I'd recommend changing to the first feed. Planet Emacsen has already done so (thanks Edward!).

Now keeping my fingers crossed it'll all work as expected...


Adam Spiers said...

You can't change blogger.com, but you can choose something better :-) I did, and never looked back:


Love your writing. I've been using mutt for the last ~13 years and emacs for the last ~15, and you may have achieved the unthinkable and persuaded me to try a different MUA ;-)

djcb said...

@Adam Spiers: thanks! And thank your for your zsh-work, I am a happy user.

A blogging-engine which a) wouldn't required a dedicated server and b) could serve org-mode files directly would be perfect.

illovae said...

Hello, just a question about your screenshot. What aggregator do yo use please in this shot ? Is this wanderlust ?

I'm using actually gnus for viewing my feeds, but when I'm happy with it for newsgroup, it's an ass for RSS feed IMO.

(Maybe you can do a little article on it and how you can see images in it too :p)

Thanks you, regards.

illovae said...

Oh ok no, it's newsticker.el. I get it, thanks.

(BTW, an article is always a good idea :p)

djcb said...

@illovae: actually, I'm not using newsticker, I don't like it very
much. Instead, I use feed2imap to dump feeds into a in IMAP server, so I can
read them with an e-mail program in Emacs.

illovae said...

Thanks for your replie, it's a good idea.


illovae said...

Thanks for your answer. It's a good idea.