jumping back to past locations

With the pop-global-mark-command, you can quickly jump back to the locations you were before, like tracking back your bread crumbs.

A typical example of this is when doing some programming and looking up some function in another file, which refers to a function in yet another file, and so on – for example, see navigating through source code using tags.

Press C-x C-SPC (the default key binding for pop-global-mark) to make your journey back to where you came from; it works in a cyclical fashion as well, so you can go on and on.

Quite useful – you may want to use a more convenient key binding though. Admittedly, it's hard to come up with any intuitive keybinding which is not already taken by something else…

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Drew said...

See also:

* Autonamed and temporary bookmarks in Bookmark+. And the locations can be highlighted in various ways, if you want.

* Icicles multi-commands to (a) trip around the `mark-ring' and `global-mark-ring' and (b) trip around bookmarks (e.g. autonamed bookmarks).